Technology Tutorials

Advances in IR Temperature Measurement

The latest developments in IR sensors not only help you optimize your manufacturing processes and business operations but also enable you to meet industry standards for final product quality and reliability.

Debugging ZigBee Applications

Network analyzers include traditional packet sniffer functionality plus support for multiple data sources and advanced tools to analyze packet activity and minimize information overload.

A Better Test for MEMS Inertial Sensors

The mechanical response of MEMS inertial sensors (accelerometers and gyros) must be tested to verify the mechanical integrity and performance of the sensor element. One major obstacle to identifying inertial sensor defects early in the manufacturing process has been an inability to dynamically stimulate and sense the mechanical performance of the sensor at wafer level.

360 Degree Rotary Position Sensing with Novel Hall Effect Sensors

Adding an integrated magnetic concentrator to Hall effect sensors enables high-accuracy 360? rotary position sensing. The Triaxis Hall technology, based on integrated magnetic concentrators (IMCs), enables the development of small, cost-effective, high-accuracy, noncontact rotary position sensors. Melexis' MLX90316 is the first member of the Triaxis family and is intended to solve long-standing challenges in 360? position sensing.