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A Power Monitor with Improved Response Time

A selective sampler enables you to sample a signal more quickly and efficiently while retaining the desired frequency resolution. The technique can be used to detect transient power changes rapidly, before blackouts occur.

Turbine Flowmeters, Part 2: Designs and Special Cases

The conclusion of this two-part series first addresses the unique design requirements of medical spirometers and propeller meters used to measure water flow. It then turns to the design details, operating principles, and capabilities of dual-rotor axial turbines; two-phase flow measurement with axial turbines; insertion axial turbines; and multijet turbine flowmeters. Research into the use of axial turbine flowmeters for the measurement of two-phase (gas/liquid) flows is also briefly reviewed.

The Hidden Costs of Compressed Air/Gas Leaks

Leaks are bad news. Not only do they lessen your process efficiency, but they can also present a danger to the environment and your personnel. Here's why you should perform regular leak audits and how to approach the auditing process.