Technologies in Depth

ZigBee Meets IP

The Compact Application Protocol (CAP) is an open framework that combines the IP world with ZigBee technology, enabling users to operate devices produced by different vendors on existing networks without using an inefficient gateway translation layer.

What a Mesh! Part 2-Networking Architectures and Protocols

In the second part of this two-part article we tackle network architectures and compare and contrast point-to-multipoint, ZigBee PRO (ZigBee 2007), 6LoWPAN, Wireless HART, and Digi Mesh networking protocols, laying out their key characteristics, benefits, and limitations.

Simplifying Sensor Signal Path Design

Sensing applications require some form of signal conditioning and the interplay of the various analog components can spell success or misery. A new Web-based tool aids engineers in designing sensor signal paths with discrete analog components.

Making Smarter Tools

Significantly improved condition monitoring of metal-cutting machinery is now possible with the help of wireless sensors. The payoffs include optimized manufacturing and reduced operating costs.