Topic: Process Industries

Piston Reduces Bounce In Dispensing Apps

Using flex material that prevents air entrapment in pulse pressure dispensing, the Optimum Clear Flex Piston achieves more consistent results when dispensing viscous fluids.

Distributed Industrial Sensors Systems (DISS's) using the BBB

Small computer boards have become very popular recently among hobbyists and makers but can these boards be effectively used to realize Distributed Intelligence Sensor Systems (DISS's) in industrial applications? To help answer this question, two reference designs have been developed: the first design allows the BBB to be connected to four different sensors having digital interfaces; the second reference design converts a traditional industrial Wheatstone bridge sensor to have a digital output.

Carbon Inks Enable Safer Smart Heaters

DuPont Microcircuit Materials’ latest series carbon inks enable safer, more reliable electric heating systems for a range of products from automotive seats to consumer electronics.