Topic: Predictive Maintenance

Vibration Energy Harvesters from Perpetuum

Perpetuum Ltd., Austin, TX, offers PMG RAIL vibration energy harvesters designed to convert vibration into usable power for monitoring and wireless data transmission on passenger trains and freight wagons.

Insulation Monitoring Sensor from Polymer Aging Concepts

AgeAlert condition monitoring sensors from Polymer Aging Concepts Inc., Dahlonega, GA, track the age or degradation of insulation in motors and generators based on actual operational and environmental conditions.

Critical Vessel Monitoring System from Land

Designed to detect refractory wear or breakdown, the Critical Vessel Monitoring System from Land Instruments Intl. Ltd., Dronfield, U.K., a unit of AMETEK Inc., uses industrial cameras suitable for harsh environments placed to view all parts of the vessel, measuring surface temperature once every 16 cm^2.

Handheld Vibration Analyzers from Datastick

Datastick Systems Inc., San Jose, CA, has added version 2.0 of Datastick Spectrum software and four VSA-3300 models to its line of handheld VSA vibration spectrum analyzers, used to detect and diagnose problems in rotating and reciprocating machinery.

802.11n WiFi Module from Redpine Signals

The WiSeConnect self-contained, low-power WiFi module from Redpine Signals Inc., San Jose, CA, is intended for M2M markets and offers Wi-Fi Direct and Enterprise security.

High-Output Accelerometer from Meggitt

The Wilcoxon Research Model 786-500-D2 accelerometer from Meggitt Sensing Systems, Germantown, MD, is suited for condition monitoring of rotating equipment and equipment in hazardous areas.

Portable Flowmeter from Dynasonics

The DXN portable ultrasonic flowmeter and heat meter from Dynasonics, a div. of Racine Federated Inc., Racine, WI, automatically switches between transit-time and Doppler modes as needed.