Predictive Maintenance

Active Sensor RFID Tags from Dynasys

SeRFNet active sensor RFID tags from Dynasys Technologies Inc., Clearwater, FL, are designed for long battery life and collect and transmit sensor data via a dynamic mesh-like RF network.

Noncontact Thermometer from Dexter

The USB Easy Temp from Dexter Research Center, Dexter, MI, is a calibrated noncontact IR thermometer for measuring object temperature.

Particulate Monitor from FilterSense

The EPA-compliant Model PM 100 from FilterSense, Beverly, MA, is a multichannel continuous particulate emission monitor and baghouse leak detector.

Triaxial Accelerometer from Hansford Sensors

The HS-109 Series triaxial industrial vibration sensor from Hansford Sensors Ltd., High Wycombe, U.K., can be used offline or as a permanently mounted sensor.

Ground Bond Meter from TEGAM

The Model R1L-E2A from TEGAM Inc., Geneva, OH, is an intrinsically safe ground bond meter that provides accurate low-resistance measurements.

Optical Strain Gauge from Micron Optics

The os3610 from Micron Optics Inc., Atlanta, GA, is a long-gauge, rugged, fiber Bragg grating (FBG) optical strain sensor optimized for surface-mount applications.

Clamp Meters from Fluke

The 320 Series True-rms clamp meters from Fluke Corp., Everett, WA, are suited for all-purpose use in residential, commercial, HVAC/R, and light industrial electrical applications.

Vibration Testing System from Davis Instruments

The Fluke 810 from Davis Instruments, Vernon Hills, IL, is a vibration testing system that lets you analyze motors, fans, blowers, belts, chain drives, gearboxes, pumps, and compressors to identify and locate imbalances, misalignments, loose bearings, and similar mechanical faults.