Topic: Predictive Maintenance

IR Temperature Sensor Gun Provides 50:1 Field Of View

Control Company’s traceable infrared thermometer gun takes temperature readings off any surface in less than one second with a 50:1 field of view, i.e., it can read a 6-in. spot from 25 ft. away.

EMI Shield Keeps A Low Profile

Relying on an innovative patent-pending design, Laird’s two-piece, board-level EMI shield employs a frame with drawn latch features that accommodates an assembly height as low as 1 mm.

Motor Protection System from Carlo Gavazzi

The DMPU Series from Carlo Gavazzi Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL, is a modular electronic motor protection relay to control, monitor, and protect 3-phase constant or dual-speed AC induction motors from thermal damage caused by overload conditions.

Helicopter Bond Meter from TEGAM

The Model R1L-BR1 bond meter from TEGAM Inc., Geneva, OH, is a purpose-built, rechargeable, battery-powered portable instrument for ground bond measurements.

Multipoint IR Temperature Monitor from Hana Engineering

The TC4 TempCam from Hana Engineering Co. Ltd., Ansungsi, South Korea, is a compact IR/CCTV camera designed for stationary temperature monitoring inside the close quarters of sealed high-voltage and mechanical equipment to prevent arcing and fires.

DC Arc-Detect Reference Solution from TI

The RD-195 from Texas Instruments (TI) Inc., Dallas, TX, is a fully programmable DC arc-detect reference system that lets designers safeguard high-power DC systems, such as automobile and aircraft battery management systems, industrial factory equipment, and photovoltaic units from arc faults.