Becoming the King of IoT Wockets
Sealevel Systems, Inc.

The term "IoT" is increasingly prevalent and it seems nearly every gadget can be modified to become a smart device. Follow Leo's quest to develop IoT wockets and see how the SeaConnect 370 made his IoT dream a reality. Sealevel also created a secure, private-labeled cloud specifically for his application and removed many of the obstacles facing Leo's IoT wocket plan. View video here.

How It Works: Drones
TE Connectivity

Drone On: Clearing the Way for Commercial Drone Success. TE Connectivity (TE) sensor solutions for drones are helping manufacturers and businesses turn drones from toys to powerful business tools. View video here!

New Small, Low-Power, MOX VOC Sensors: How Might They Be Used for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring?

Stories in the news media are heightening people’s awareness of the importance of the quality of the air we breathe both indoors and out. The average human inhales about 15kg of air a day, 80% of it indoors. And while the quality of outdoor air is routinely monitored by public agencies, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring is the responsibility of the building’s operator or occupier. A new generation of small, surface-mount, low-power VOC (volatile organic compound) gas sensors offering the potential for distributed, local IAQ monitoring by small and affordable devices, and therefore for more responsive operation of air-moving and air-filtering equipment in buildings.

This article explains the operation of these new VOC sensors and the differences between them and absolute single-gas sensors. It also shows how they can provide data which enables air management equipment to respond most efficiently and effectively to variations in indoor air quality. Download now!

Webinar: Energy Harvesting and Energy-Efficient Power Solutions for Sensor Applications
Now Available on Demand | Randy Frank Associates

Sensors are among the mostly frequently cited additions to connectivity in the IoT and certainly are one of the key enablers for wearable products of all sorts. However, wirelessly connected sensors pose a major problem when considering batteries as the sole source of power - battery life. Converting the available energy from a variety of sources to electricity, or energy harvesting, provides an alternative to frequently changing batteries in wireless sensing applications. Popular techniques to harvest energy for sensing applications include photovoltaic, thermoelectric, piezoelectric, electrodynamic and even wind.

While energy harvesting is not a solution for every wireless sensing node, it is being successfully applied in industrial, consumer and other applications. In some instances, it is being used in conjunction with advanced battery technologies including thin-film batteries. In all cases, efficient power management is essential. As in most system problems, there are technical and cost constraints. This Webinar will provide a Sneak Preview of the in-depth Pre-Conference Symposium that will take place at Sensors Expo & Conference this June 27. Get a sneak peek at the challenges and solutions of using energy harvesting techniques of varying types for powering sensors in wireless and other ultralow power applications.

Click here to view on-demand webinar.

Webinar: Printed, Flexible, Stretchable & Functional Fabric Sensors and Systems
Now Available on Demand | Roger Grace Associates

The availability of sensors that can take the shape of their imposed working environment has existed for quite some time with the earliest being for aerospace applications. Most recently, there has been an exponential growth in the field of flexible, printed and organic large-area electronics and sensors driven by applications including wearables, e-Health  and the IoT. These new electronics and sensors are fabricated on flexible plastic substrates or are printed/woven into fabrics, which offer advantages such as mechanical flexibility, shape conformity, light weight and low profile. The creation of these “non-classical” platforms is enabled by low cost high-speed manufacturing of devices over large areas using various technologies including Roll-to-Roll production. This Webinar will provide a Sneak Preview of the in-depth Pre-Conference Symposium that will take place at Sensors Expo & Conference this June 27. Get a sneak peek of the most interesting printed/flexible/stretchable and functional fabric sensor technologies and their applications currently under development and in production in the commercial sector as well those under development in the leading research universities and research labs around the world.

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Digital Radar Advantages Over Camera, LIDAR
Delta Mobile Systems

With the miniaturization of size and power and the flexibility to programmatically customize on-board sensing algorithms, radar sensors are providing solutions to many different vertical markets including automotive, transportation, heavy industrial, aviation and ground service equipment. Download now!

Miniature IEPE Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer for Space Applications
Dytran Instruments, Inc.

There is a growing need for space-rated, high performance accelerometers with small physical dimensions, light weight, and low outgassing characteristics that has been unmet by the vibration sensor community until now. This paper describes the some of the important aspects of sensor design when configuring a piezoelectric accelerometer with wide dynamic range and small dimensions for a space flight application. Download now!

Sensors Expo & Conference 2016 Highlight Video
Sensors Expo & Conference

Sensors Expo & Conference 2016 was a record-breaker! With 300+ exhibitors and 6,400+ attendees, the Expo Floor was buzzing, Conference Sessions were packed, attendees found the solutions to their sensing problems, and exhibitors increased their reach into the market. View video here!

Managing Machinery Assets Using Predictive Maintenance | A Manager's Overview
IMI Sensors, A PCB Piezotronics Division

This paper is intended as an overview for managers and supervisors that would like to know more about the benefits, costs, and commitments required for starting a predictive maintenance program; how to determine if such a program will benefit their company; and if so, how to get started. Download now!

Design and Selection Criteria of High Temperature Accelerometers for Aerospace Propulsion
PCB Piezotronics

Accelerometers and pressure sensors for measurement in aerospace propulsion systems require special consideration during design and manufacturing processes. Download now!