7th Military Tactical Communications Summit
September 12-13, 2018 | The Mary M. Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, VA | Defense Strategies Institute

Defense Strategies Institute’s 2018 Military Tactical Communications Summit will focus on advancing network capabilities by delivering enhanced C4ISR and information dominance to the current and future Warfighter. The Summit will look to strengthen reliable access to data, voice, and video anytime and anywhere to support situational awareness and operational flexibility at the tactical edge. Registration is FREE for active duty Military and Government. 

Bluetooth World 2018
September 18-19, 2018 | Santa Clara Convention Center, CA | Avren Events

Bluetooth technology is continuously expanding to meet the demands of the IoT.

Bluetooth World 2018 (18 & 19 September, Santa Clara Convention Center, California) the official event of the Bluetooth SIG, has also evolved and expanded to ensure you are kept up-to-date with innovative new emerging technologies.

Hear from big name speakers on the hottest topics, including sensors, mesh, smart cities, audio. Find out how sensors fits into the bigger picture and how they will work with Bluetooth technology in new and exciting, emerging markets.  

Entry to the exhibition is FREE and just $99 for an ‘access all areas’ pass. Register today!

Image Sensors 2018
October 8-12, 2018 | San Francisco, CA | Smithers Apex

Bringing together some of the world's most experienced digital imaging experts from across the imaging supply chain, this year's Image Sensors Auto Americas and Image Sensors Americas conferences will explore the latest trends in sensor applications, new technologies, and current sensor challenges and industry demands; as well as sensors that are helping move towards autonomous and connected cars.

Motor & Drive Systems 2019
January 23-24, 2019 | Orlando, FL | TWST Events

Motor & Drive Systems 2019, January 23-24 in Orlando, is a leading global event focused on the latest technical advancements impacting the design and integration of motor, drive systems and motion control for manufacturing, industrial and packaging, as well as traction and automotive applications. Conference topics will include improving efficiency and reliability, regulatory and safety issues, testing standards and programs, emerging and high growth applications, developing and pairing motor & drive systems, and improving loss prediction and calculation.



Paid Marketplace
Combating Gun Violence with Acoustic Sensors & IoT
Sealevel Systems, Inc.

The consequences of gun violence are quickly realized and can wound a community deeply. In crowded public spaces, such as schools and performance venues, the results are often devastating. Coupled with prevention and public safety strategy, can sensors reduce gun violence? The answer is a hopeful yes. Learn more here!

Don’t overdesign your battery
Tadiran Batteries

When developing an industrial grade wireless device intended for long-term deployment, design engineers must strike a balance between two inherently competing goals: long-term product performance versus price.

For remote battery-powered devices, this can lead to compromise solutions involving unnecessarily large and heavy batteries that carry unforeseen expenses, including more frequent battery replacements and the cost of transporting these oversized batteries to remote, hard-to-access locations.

In order to make a more informed product specification decision, the following parameters should be considered: Download now!

Paid Marketplace
A New Class of Color Sensing

ams XYZ “tri-stimulus” AS73211 color sensor offers higher sensitivity and a wide choice of conversion times to address the requirements of high-end displays, spotlights and colorimeters. The AS73211 provides enhanced optical characteristics with its filter-on-glass technology, a small form factor along with light and color measurements that are closely matching a typical human eye’s perception of light. Learn more here!

Embedded Online: Jump Start Code Development to Minimize Software Defects
Now Available On-Demand | Beningo Embedded Group

Debugging an embedded system is one of the most time consuming and expensive activities that embedded software developers engage in. Survey results show that the average team spends 40% of a development cycle debugging their software! Developers can easily prevent, detect and eliminate defects to dramatically decrease the time spent troubleshooting which can accelerate their development, decrease  costs and improve product reliability. In this session, we are going to examine several techniques that can be used to quickly detect defects. We will develop a robust process that attendees can follow and implement to decrease the time they spend debugging and spend more time innovating. 

This session will utilize hands-on demonstrations using ST Microelectronics STM32, arm Keil MDK with ULINKplus and Percepio Tracealyzer 4 with source code being readily available for attendees.

Key Take-A-Ways:
-    How to effectively decrease the time spent troubleshooting software
-    The differences between bugs, defects and errors
-    8 Troubleshooting techniques for embedded systems
-    A code start-up process to prevent defects
-    Leveraging trace technology to detect defects
-    Tools necessary to troubleshoot a system
-    Troubleshooting best practices

Register now

Sensors Expo Sneak Preview: Energy Harvesting and Energy-Efficient Power Solutions for Sensor Applications
Now Available On-Demand | Sensors Online

Wirelessly connected sensors pose a major problem when considering batteries as the sole source of power - battery life. Converting the available energy from a variety of sources to electricity, or energy harvesting, provides an alternative to frequently changing batteries in wireless sensing applications.

This webinar will preview the challenges and solutions of using energy harvesting techniques of varying types for powering sensors in wireless and other ultralow power applications. Register now.

Sensors Sneak Preview: Commercialization Opportunities for Printed/Flexible/Stretchable and Functional Fabric Sensors and Sensor-Based Systems for IoT and Wearables
Now Available On-Demand | Sensors Online

The webinar will provide a “sneak preview” of several of the approximately 14 technical presentations from noted speakers representing the world’s leading research and commercial organizations in this field who will participate in the all-day preconference workshop scheduled as part of Sensors Expo 2018. Register now!

Sensors Midwest
October 16-17, 2018 | Donald E. Stephens Convention Center | Rosemont, IL | The Sensors Group, Questex LLC

As the growth of the sensors market continues to rapidly expand, Sensors Midwest will bring together thousands of engineers in the Midwest marketplace looking for access to the latest sensor advancements and will provide an opportunity to connect with the area's greatest technology leaders and suppliers. Co-located with SMTA International, Sensors Midwest is your one-stop show for exploring the latest technologies in the industry, education, and networking. Everything you and your business need to be successful will be found at #SensorsMW18! Learn more here.

New Small, Low-Power, MOX VOC Sensors: How Might They Be Used for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring?

Stories in the news media are heightening people’s awareness of the importance of the quality of the air we breathe both indoors and out. The average human inhales about 15kg of air a day, 80% of it indoors. And while the quality of outdoor air is routinely monitored by public agencies, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring is the responsibility of the building’s operator or occupier. A new generation of small, surface-mount, low-power VOC (volatile organic compound) gas sensors offering the potential for distributed, local IAQ monitoring by small and affordable devices, and therefore for more responsive operation of air-moving and air-filtering equipment in buildings.

This article explains the operation of these new VOC sensors and the differences between them and absolute single-gas sensors. It also shows how they can provide data which enables air management equipment to respond most efficiently and effectively to variations in indoor air quality. Download now!