Wireless Software Advances IoT Connectivity

Silicon Labs’ dynamic multiprotocol software for its wireless Gecko system-on-chip (SoC) and module portfolio supports simultaneous operation of ZigBee and Bluetooth low energy (LE) on a single SoC. The multiprotocol solution provides advanced functionality for Internet of Things (IoT) applications without incurring the additional complexity and hardware cost of a two-chip architecture, thereby reducing the wireless subsystem bill-of-materials (BOM) cost and size by up to 40%.


The software allows users to commission, update, control, and monitor ZigBee mesh networks directly over Bluetooth with smartphone apps. Adding Bluetooth LE features to ZigBee mesh networks, developers can create next-generation IoT applications that are easier to deploy, use and update.


Just a few applications include smart lighting, smart home, smart building, and unique networking. The dynamic multiprotocol software is powered by optimized wireless protocol stacks and an advanced radio scheduler running on Micrium OS. The software development kit (SDK) is available in Simplicity Studio and includes a connected lighting demo supported on selected Wireless Gecko starter kits and mobile app reference designs. More details and specs are available. Silicon Labs, Austin, TX. 877-444-3032