IPSO Alliance Smart Object Guidelines Gaining Traction

The IPSO Alliance (IPSO) claims its Smart Object Guidelines are experiencing strong industry adoption, with more than 500 downloads in the past six months alone. Issued in 2014 and supplemented in 2015, the guidelines, which define smart-object models for IoT interoperability, are continuously updated using the Open Mobile Alliance's (OMA) OMA LwM2M Management Object and Resource Editor.


IPSO also announced that it has started work on the next generation of IoT interoperability by defining an entirely new and unique model that allows smart objects to interoperate with each other, regardless of the device's protocol, security, bootstrap or commissioning. This addresses scalability, one of the key IoT challenges as we move from millions to billions of nodes that need to communicate.


For more information, visit http://www.ipso-alliance.org