IoT-Based Wearable System Boosts Safety And Visibility

Triax Technologies launches its spot-r networked technology, providing real-time, data-driven visibility into the challenging construction site environment.  The Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled technology improves worker safety and reduces incident response times, while enabling general contractors to better manage projects and labor productivity.


The system’s lightweight wearable sensor alerts safety personnel to slip, trip and fall incidents in real time so workers can receive aid faster, and logs key data for insurers on when and where incidents occur.  Additionally, spot-r’s mobile dashboard provides visibility into worker location and site operations. It operates on a closed mesh network that cuts through steel and concrete and automatically clocks workers on the jobsite. It includes low-footprint network hardware that is installed and maintained by Triax technicians, and wearable sensors that clip onto a worker’s belt. 


The wearable system also has a one-year battery-life without charging.  More information is available at