Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer Promises No-Hassle Decoding

The BPA low-energy Bluetooth protocol analyzer from Teledyne LeCroy supports all of the mandatory Bluetooth low energy features through Bluetooth version 4.2, and ships with Frontline software allowing Bluetooth developers the ability to see events as they occur live, decoding and decrypting the Bluetooth data for full analysis and troubleshooting issues. Measuring 3.5" x 1.75" x 0.71", the analyzer decodes all Bluetooth low energy traffic -  including advertising packets, data packets, and LL control packets.  It scans all three advertising channels concurrently, allowing a single BPA low energy analyzer to detect connection requests from initiators on any of the three advertising channels.  Once the connection is established, the BPA low energy analyzer follows the link across all Bluetooth low energy channels, capturing and displaying information sent back and forth the between connected devices or piconets, decrypting and decoding the data transmitted and received by the devices using various profiles and protocols. The BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer is available now for $995. Download a datasheet at


Saelig Company, Inc.

Fairport, NY