Bluetooth 5 Modules Get A Commercial Facelift

TAIYO YUDEN launches three commercialized Bluetooth 5 modules: the EYSHCNZWZ (9.6 mm x 12.9 mm 2), EYSHJNZWZ (5.1 mm x 11.3 x mm 1.3 mm), and EYSHSNZWZ (3.25 mm x 8.55 mm x 0.9 mm). The modules are compatible with the latest wireless communication standard and are ideal for various small, thin devices including wearable devices, healthcare equipment, smartphone peripherals, and IoT-related devices.

The EYSHSNZWZ module features unique shield mold technology to reduce its volume to about one third that of EYSHJNZXZ (5.1 x 11.3 x 1.3 mm), the company’s smallest module. This represents the world's smallest volume for Bluetooth modules with an integrated antenna. Mass production of these products is now under way. More details about these modules are available on the Bluetooth product page.