APIs deliver device-level energy usage data enriched by artificial intelligence.

New Gateway and associated Cortet Certified lighting accessories forecasts complete IoT connected commercial smart lighting solutions.

Nine key industry sectors show a sequential quarterly growth of 5.8%.

Cybersecurity-ready system isolates SIPRNet/NIPRNet domains or separates Red/Black boundaries, replacing twelve systems with one 1.75 in. x 19 in. box.

Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) enables fast development of solutions based on accelerometry and vibration including wearables for people and machines.

Interactive robot market growing at 74.69% CAGR to 2020.

Mercury Systems introduces industry’s first COTS safety-certifiable OpenGL graphics library for Intel Atom processor families.

Samtec enlarges its embedded offerings with a low-profile, high-speed PCI Express Gen 4 compliant edge card connector.