The Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference on June 25-27 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose covers an astounding array of topics encompassing…

Western Digital’s iNAND automotive-grade e.MMC 5.1 EFDs work with Renesas’ R-Car automotive SoCs.

Technical training series and expansion boards support Xilinx-powered industrial-grade development.

Newly expanded conference program will provide cutting-edge insight from more than 150 elite speakers discussing the future of AI, Edge IoT, LiDAR technology,…

Acquisitions yield diverse products and services.

Automated Visual Testing enables a 3.6x improvement in visual quality and a 2.8x increase in release velocity.

PHYs support IEEE 802.1AE media access controller security (MACsec) and internet protocol security (IPSec) standard.

Awards will recognize the year’s most important advances and innovations in embedded.