Wireless Microcontrollers from Jennic

Wireless Microcontrollers from Jennic
Jennic Ltd.

Jennic Ltd., Sheffield, U.K., offers the JN513x family of second-generation wireless microcontrollers and supporting modules, evaluation kits, software, and protocol stacks. The microcontrollers feature a new modem architecture for 97 dB receive sensitivity, an onchip 32-bit RISC processor, 3 dBm transmit power, a 100 dB link budget, and greater robustness in noisier environments. Deep sleep current draw is 400 nA; sleep current is <2 μA as an active part of a wireless senor network with onchip oscillator and protocol timers running. The 192 k ROM contains an IEEE 802.15.4 version B MAC layer, provision for a range of external serial EEPROM devices, over-the-air download, hardware abstraction layers, and a simple serial interface.

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Company: Jennic Ltd.
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