Small 3-axis Gyro from VTI Technologies

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VTI Technologies Oy

VTI Technologies Oy, Vantaa, Finland, offers the 3.1 by 4.2 by 0.8 mm CMR3000 digital-output triaxial angular rate sensor optimized for use in user interface and gaming applications. Measurement range is ±2000°/s with selectable measurement bandwidths. The sensor uses a shared sensing mass and coupled resonator structure in orthogonal multimode operation, eliminating cross-talk between axes and requiring a single drive loop. Simplified low-current consuming phase-shift readout electronics and wafer-level quadrature signal design enable high stability. Current consumption is 5 mA, interfaces are SPI and I2C.

Contact Info

Company: VTI Technologies Oy
Country: Finland
Phone number: +358 9-879-181

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