Sine-to-Digital Converter IC from iC-Haus

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iC-Haus GmbH

The iC-NQC from iC-Haus GmbH, Bodenheim, Germany, is a high-resolution sine-to-digital converter with a BiSS C slave protocol for bidirectional data exchange at the same time as the cyclic output of measurement data. The interpolation circuit operates with sinusoidal sensor signals, such as those generated by optical or magnetic GMR, AMR, or Hall position sensors and can compensate for offset, amplitude, and phase errors. It provides 10-bit accuracy, angle error of ±0.35° max. per signal period, binary resolutions from 8–8192 angle steps, decimal resolutions from 25–2000 angle steps, ability to set max. tracking rate and min. transition distance for incremental output, resolution adaptation, a scalable 24-bit counter, and an integrated I2C interface.

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Company: iC-Haus GmbH
Country: Germany
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