Quad ADC from Linear Technology

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Linear Technology Corp.

The LTM9012 from Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas, CA, is a quad, 14-bit, 125 Msps ADC with integrated fixed-gain drivers, passive filtering, and bypass capacitance. The device is suited for use in medical imaging systems and MIMO 4G base stations and features a fully-integrated 4-channel digitizer, fixed-gain differential ADC drivers with 10 V/V gain or 20 dB, 68.3 dB SNR, 78 dB SFDR, and 318 mW/channel power consumption. In baseband receiver applications for cellular infrastructure the ADC supports both direct-conversion and IF-sampling architectures.

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Company: Linear Technology Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-432-1900 x2419