PXI Embedded Controllers from National Instruments

PXI Embedded Controllers from National Instruments
National Instruments

The PXI-8104 and PXI-8183 from National Instruments, Austin, TX, are PXI embedded controllers for test, measurement, and control applications. The PXI-8104 features an Intel Celeron M 440 processor operating at 1.86 GHz and dual-channel 533 MHz DDR2 memory and is designed to let engineers create a PC-based embedded controller for use in PXI and CompactPCI systems. The PXI-8183 is a Windows-based PXI embedded controller for high-volume OEM and industrial control applications. The two-slot embedded controller features an 850 MHz Intel Celeron processor. Both controllers are available in versions that support LabVIEW Real-Time and LabWindows/CVI Real-Time software.

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