Power Strip Data Collection Device from Geist

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Geist DCiM Div.

The Racknet-A from Geist DCiM Div., Fort Collins, CO, is a power strip data collection device that allows you to centralize all data for efficient monitoring. You can plug Geist power strips directly into the Racknet-A, where it provides a Web-based interface that displays, trends, and applies data for intelligent monitoring and management. It communicates via SNMP, has 48 ports, and supports up to 1000 devices. Other features include alarms, notifications, and trending features; automatic reporting capabilities; the ability to act as a stand-alone system or to be integrated with a larger data center monitoring system via SNMP, BACnet, or oBIX.

Contact Info

Company: Geist DCiM Div.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 877-449-4150