One-Channel Signal Conditioner Eases Into Action

HBM’s ClipX industrial signal conditioner sports an accuracy class of 0.01 and includes a digital-working-standard calibration certificate. The module adapts to any measurement task, regardless of whether it is used with single- or multiple-channel applications, manufacturing machines, or production monitoring. ClipX allows for easy implementation of any number of individual, stand-alone measurement chains or measurement systems with up to six devices that can communicate with each other. The signal conditioner supports all the popular automation interfaces: PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, current, and voltage.


Both analog and digital measurement chains can be built up with ClipX. HBM’s sensors are optimally matched to the ClipX signal conditioner and provide interference-proof measurement results. For more information, peruse the ClipX datasheet and watch a video while you’re there.


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