Network-Ready DA Systems from Microstar Labs

Network-Ready DA Systems from Microstar Labs
Microstar Laboratories Inc.

Microstar Laboratories Inc., Bellevue, WA, offers the DAPserver 500 test, measurement, and control products that combine a 5-slot PCI backplane and a 10-slot Eurocard cage in an industrial-grade chassis. A Pentium M processor runs server software on a board occupying one of the PCI slots. The software, and the software running on the DAP boards themselves, protect applications from local or network-related delays. The DAPserver 500 and DAPserver 500R models include a SATA hard drive and can be installed in standard 19 in. racks. The expansion boards typically preprocess a signal; a DAPserver can contain up to 10 of these boards.

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Company: Microstar Laboratories Inc.
Country: International
Phone number: 888-678-2752

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