Network Drive for Smart Cameras from EVT

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Eye Vision Technology GmbH (EVT)

The EyeStore from Eye Vision Technology (EVT) GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany, lets you autonomously save the test results and images from various smart cameras and smart sensors. The compact device is approximately the size of a business card and can be integrated into the network of the company's EyeVision-based systems, such as those incorporating the EyeSpector, EyeCheck, and PC-based vision systems. EyeStore works as a network drive, providing its storage space to connected components. All data can be saved onto the EyeStore and loaded again via software; max. single file size is 127 GB.

Contact Info

Company: Eye Vision Technology GmbH (EVT)
Country: Germany
Phone number: +49 (0) 721 626 905 82
Fax: +49 (0) 721 626 905 96