Natural Language Understanding Getting Closer To The Edge

Sensory Inc. introduces its full feature TrulyNatural, the company’s embedded large vocabulary speech recognition platform with natural language understanding. With more than 50 man-years of development and five years of beta testing behind it, TrulyNatural promises to help companies move beyond the cloud to create products capable of natural language interaction without compromising privacy and without the high memory cost of open source-based solutions.


Privacy has never been a hotter topic than it is today. TrulyNatural provides devices with an extremely intelligent natural language user interface, while keeping voice data private and secure; voice requests never leave the device, nor are they ever stored.

Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference

The inaugural event will take place June 25-27 in San Jose, CA!

Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference (ETC), in the largest embedded and IoT market in North America, is the ONLY event focused on what is most important to designers and implementers – education and training. Attendees will experience over 100 hours of unparalleled education and training covering embedded systems, IoT, connectivity, edge computing, AI, machine learning, and more. Co-located with Sensors Expo & Conference, attendees will have the opportunity to see hundreds of leading exhibitors and network with thousands of industry peers and innovators.

The platform can provide a natural language voice UI on devices of all shapes and sizes, and can be deployed for domain-specific applications, such as home appliances, vehicle infotainment systems, set top boxes, home automation, industrial and enterprise applications, mobile apps and more. TrulyNatural can be as small as under 10 MB in a natural language and large vocabulary setting, or it can be scaled to support broad-domain applications like virtual assistants and call center chatbots with a virtually unlimited vocabulary. By categorizing speech into unlimited intents and entities, the natural language understanding component of the system enables intelligent interpretation of any speech and does not require scripted grammars.



Designed to run completely on an applications processor, the platform does not require an internet connection, as all the speech processing is done natively at the edge, not in the cloud. It is said to provide a safe, secure, consistent, reliable and easy to implement experience for the end-user, free of requiring any extra apps or Wi-Fi to be setup or operational.


TrulyHandsfree TrulyNatural currently supports US English, with UK English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish planned for release in 2019 and 2020. SDK’s are available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and other platforms. For more information, visit Sensory and/or email [email protected].  

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