Multispecies Gas Analyzer from TigerOptics

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Tiger Optics LLC

The Prismatic from TigerOptics LLC, Warrington, PA, is a single analyzer that uses continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy to measure trace levels of as many as 16 different molecules. The device uses Brewster's Angle retroreflector prisms to achieve high reflectivity over a wide wavelength range, allowing the unit to detect trace amounts of different molecules. Operating range is 0–20 ppm. Detection limits are 100 ppb (lower) and 1000 ppm (upper) for carbon dioxide, 100 ppb (lower) and 2500 ppm (upper) for carbon monoxide, 1 ppb (lower) and 8 ppm (upper) for methane, and 10 ppb (lower) and 100 ppm (upper) for moisture.

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Company: Tiger Optics LLC
Country: United States (USA)
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