Milliohm Resistance Meter from TEGAM

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The 1740 milliohm resistance meter from TEGAM Inc., Geneva, OH, provides 10 ranges from 20 milliohm to 20 megohm F.S. and can make 100 readings/s with 0.05% accuracy. Suited for use in resistor, wire, fuse, thermistor, trimmer, and contact-resistance testing applications, the meter rejects thermal and line noise, compensates for thermal and electromagnetic measurement errors caused by contact between device handlers and the device under test, and has 1 micro-ohm resolution on the 20 milliohm range. In delayed mode the meter can make 27 measurements/s at 0.02% accuracy. You can program and collect data from the meter via the GPIB, RS-232, or RS-422 interfaces.

Contact Info

Company: TEGAM Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-666-1010/440-466-6100
Fax: 440-466-6110