Liquid Leak Sensor from iSEMcon

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The LeakSpy CLI-CA-D50x12/00/PEHD from iSEMcon LLC, Sylvania, OH, is a self-contained, capacitive liquid leak sensor with a sensitivity that automatically adjusts for pure water to highly conductive liquids. Operating at 8–30 VDC, the sensor is a 3-wire npn or pnp and/or NO/NC unit with 2 embedded LED indicators, green for power-on or red for a liquid alarm. When liquid is present or the cable breaks, the output state automatically changes. Various models are available, including one designed for mounting underneath a machine to detect a minimal leak. All versions are available with an optional LEAK-SIM 4-wire output for monitoring upon request.

Contact Info

Company: iSEMcon LLC
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 877-309-1002
Fax: 419-517-5007