Intelligent Bluetooth Modules from Wireless Cables

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Wireless Cables Inc.

The AIRcable SMD Bluetooth module from Wireless Cables Inc., San Jose, CA, is a wireless programmable microcontroller that lets you build wireless products without needing additional microcontrollers. The device has a user-application code interpreter and wireless-accessible file system and provides simultaneous master and slave connections; allows and controls incoming Bluetooth connections; can make outgoing connections to SPP, FTP, and OBEX; and is mesh network capable. The device also lets you disable and enable Bluetooth profiles. You can run applications in BASIC on the AIRcable OS. Additional features include wireless software development and deployment; data logging functions; and analog, digital, 2-wire, and serial sensor interfaces. Range is >50 m on a standard low-power class 2 radio.

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Company: Wireless Cables Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
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