IMU on a Chip from InterSense

IMU on a Chip from InterSense
InterSense LLC

InterSense Inc., Billerica, MA, offers the NavChip inertial measurement unit on a single chip. The surface mountable device is 12.5 by 23.25 by 7.75 mm and offers gyro bias in-run stability of 12°/hr. typ.; 0.25°/rt.-hr angular random walk; 0.03 m/s/rt-hr velocity random walk; F.S. range of 2000°/s, 10g; 0.005° resolution; 0.2° pitch/roll accuracy; and 0.5° heading accuracy. Power consumption is 120 mW.

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Company: InterSense LLC
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 781-541-6330
Fax: 781-541-6329