Imaging Color Spectrophotometer from Tricor

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Tricor Systems Inc.

The Model 600 from Tricor Systems Inc., Elgin, IL, is a noncontact imaging spectrophotometer that can measure reflective, transmissive, and emissive color over large areas and over a spectral range of 380–780 nm. The device uses a camera to acquire data, acquiring spectral data at each pixel. You can measure and ensure the correct color of a product or graphic and measure the graphics of packaging, prints, fine art, textiles, flooring, illuminated displays, backlit panels, projection systems, overlays, pharmaceuticals, foods, and paints. Auto aligning software lets you compare identical sample patterns to a standard image. Results can be viewed in a variety of measurement units.

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Company: Tricor Systems Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 847-742-5542, x-140