GPS-Enhanced IMU from Xsens Technologies

GPS-Enhanced IMU from Xsens Technologies

The MTi-G from Xsens Technologies B.V., Enschede, The Netherlands, is a MEMS IMU with integrated GPS and provides accurate horizontal and vertical position, velocity, and orientation estimates. The device includes an attitude and heading reference system processor. The internal low-power signal processor runs a real-time Kalman filter and provides drift-free GPS-enhanced 3D orientation estimates and calibrated 3D acceleration, 3D rate of turn, 3D earth-magnetic field data, and static pressure. Features include –158 dBm tracking sensitivity, 360° 3D orientation output, 120 Hz TBD update, 512 Hz inertial data only, various digital output modes, and ultra-low power consumption. Applications include aerospace, automotive, robotics, and marine industries and pedestrian navigation and virtual reality.

Contact Info

Company: Xsens
Country: Netherlands
Phone number: +31 88-97367-00

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