Gbit PoE+ Switches Taking Care Of Business

Linksys unveils custom-designed business-class smart switches to meet the growing power demands of networked devices in the modern workplace. The company’s latest offerings include the LGS308MP 8-port Business Smart Gigabit PoE+ Switch delivering 130W and the LGS326MP 26-port Business Smart Gigabit PoE+ Switch delivering 384W. The LGS326MP features 24 PoE+ gigabit Ethernet ports plus two gigabit SFP/RJ45 combo ports.


PoE+ equipment operates according to a newer Institute of Electrical and Electronics (IEEE) standard, 802.3at. PoE+ switches deliver more power to each port, up to 30W, compared to legacy PoE networking equipment, which accommodates a power draw of 15.4W per port. Smart switches designed to the PoE+ standard, are built to support a higher power draw required by next-generation devices that companies add to computer networks: pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and other IP surveillance products, IP connected conference solutions, digital displays, AV equipment, wireless access point and VOIP phones. Some examples of the power required by these devices are:


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  • 13W:  IP Cameras, VoIP Phones, Wireless Access Points, Networked Audio
  • 30W: IP Telephones, WiMAX Access Points, PTZ Cameras, Remote Computer Terminals
  • 60W: Door Access Systems, Video Phones, Thin Clients
  • 100W: Digital Signage Displays, Point of Sale Systems, LCD TVs, Computer Monitors
  • 200W: Larger TVs, Larger Displays, Larger Monitors, Laptops


The Linksys smart switches support the latest 802.3at (PoE+) standards and provide twice the power budget for each Gigabit Ethernet port while remaining backward- compatible with the 802.3af (PoE) standard. They also help secure networks with features like port authentication and MAC-based port security, requiring clients to authenticate themselves before any data is passed. Advanced DHCP snooping and IP-MAC binding functions ensure network integrity and help prevent network attacks.


Additionally, the smart switches include features for quickly expanding and growing a network. Multiple high-bandwidth trunks between switches enhance availability and redundancy. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Storm Control features help control planned or inadvertent cable loops and facilitates cost-efficient scalability.


The 8-port, 130W LGS308MP costs $249.99 and the 26-port, 384W LGS326MP is priced at $529.99. For more information, peruse the LGS308MP datasheet and/or the LGS326MP datasheet.