Digital Scope Integrates Signal Generator

Digital Scope Integrates Signal Generator
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Minding the bench budget, the Rigol DS2000A digital oscilloscope series offers bandwidths up to 300 MHz and integrates a full-function, 25-MHz signal generator, saving both costs and bench space. The two-channel DS2000A provides a 2 Gsamples/s sample rate and a 14-Mpts record length; 56-Mpts optional. Other features include a vertical range of 500 µV/div to 10V/div, waveform capture rate of up to 50,000 waveform samples per second, and serial triggering and analysis options to speed analysis and debug of I2C, RS-232, SPI, and CANbus designs. Models include the 70-MHz DS2072A (no signal generator) and the 100-MHz DS2102A, 200-MHz DS2202A, and the 300-MHz DS2302A, each integrating the signal generator. For more specs and pricing, go to  

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