DC/DC Converter from EnOcean

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EnOcean Inc.

The ECT 310 from EnOcean Inc., Boston, MA, is an ultra-low-voltage DC/DC converter that converts an input voltage >20 mV into a conventional 3–4 V output that is then used to power EnOcean's wireless modules. The output voltage from the DC/DC converter is crudely regulated and the device can be combined with a thermoelectric converter and either the STM 300 or STM 312 energy harvesting wireless modules to implement batteryless sensors or actuators powered solely by heat. The device is offered as part of the EDK 312 developer kit that also includes STM 300 and STM 312 wireless modules, a thermoelectric converter, and documentation.

Contact Info

Company: EnOcean Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 801-312-0116