Current-Sense Amplifiers from Touchstone

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Touchstone Semiconductor

The TSM9938F and TSM9634F from Touchstone Semiconductor, Milpitas, CA, are current-sense amplifiers that are pin-compatible, specification-identical, and functionally identical to Maxim Integrated Products' MAX9938F and MAX9634F, respectively. Both are guaranteed to operate from 1.6–28 V, have a supply current of no more than 1 µA, and offer a 50 V/V fixed-gain option. The TSM9938F exhibits a max. input offset voltage of 500 µV while the TSM9634F exhibits a max. input offset voltage of 250 µV. Applications include battery monitoring and management, power management, over-current and fault detection, lamp monitoring, motor control, and mobile and handheld personal communication devices.

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Company: Touchstone Semiconductor
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-383-9353