Computerized Briefcase Keeps Users Neatly Charged

Groomed for anyone who needs to stay organized and charged 24/7, designers Luis Gómez Henares and Pepe Reyes Lorite partnered with a team of environmental scientists, energy engineers, technical industrial engineers, battery experts, audiovisual experts, and telecommunications engineers in Lucena, Córdoba, Spain to create a solar powered computerized briefcase. The rather ordinary-looking case fits a laptop, documents and a smartphone, It also includes a compartment containing a magnetic charger, an external memory drive for iOS/android/64 GB PC,  a mouse, keyboard, retractable USB cable, remote control, headphones, tactile pen, and a speaker. The pro version includes a drone and a built-in projector.


Silver suitcase is a computerized, solar-powered briefcase.


In addition to keeping users charged and organized, the case can transform into a film studio or remote office. One of the founders, Pepe Reyes Lorite says “it’s today’s answer to environmentally conscious electronics storage and charging.”  According to the makers, their case is a first of its kind multi-device tool.


“Creating a solar powered multifunctional tool that streamlines digital devices is the goal and the price is unbeatable. It makes life easier in this new age of technology, helping you make amazing projects at a price that makes sense while being environmentally responsible,” says Luis Gomez Hernares, one of the visionaries behind the device.


If this case has piqued your curiosity or the urge to lighten your wallet, you may want to check out a video demo of the Suitcase Computer and garner more info at the makers’ Indiegogo webpage. ~MD