Capacitive Sensors from iSEMcon

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The Ultra line of capacitive sensors from iSEMcon LLC, Sylvania, OH, features a quick-disconnect inline amplifier and is intended for applications involving restricted spacing or small part detection. Sensors are offered in smooth and threaded barrel housings, as liquid-level probes, and in disc styles; in shielded or nonshielded versions; and in SS, PVC, POM, or PTFE housings. They can be used with either the standard 10–30 VDC, pnp, npn, or push/pull output amplifier or the analog voltage output signal amplifier. Sensing ranges are up to 15 mm, depending on sensor size and form factor.

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Company: iSEMcon LLC
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 877-309-1002
Fax: 419-517-5007