Capacitive Humidity Sensor from IST

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Innovative Sensor Technology (IST)

The P14 202 from Innovative Sensor Technology, Wattwil, Switzerland, is a 1.85 by 1.85 mm thin-film capacitive humidity sensor that can measure from 0%–100% RH over a temperature range of –50°C to 150°C. Linearity error is <±1.5% RH (15%–90% RH at 23°C, after 1 point calibration) and hysteresis is <±1.5% RH in a 3 hr. cycle between 20% RH and 80% RH. Applications include white goods/appliances and cell phones.

Contact Info

Company: Innovative Sensor Technology (IST)
Country: Switzerland
Phone number: +41 71-987-73-73
Fax: +41 71-987-73-77

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