Antenna Tuner from WiSpry

WiSpry Inc.

WiSpry Inc., Irvine, CA, offers its WS1033 LTE antenna tuner that lets you select the optimum circuit configuration for antenna tuning. The company has used the RF MEMS-based antenna tuner to successfully extend usable bandwidth on an LTE smartphone from 25 MHz to 180 MHz without changing the production antenna. In a demonstration involving two identical, commercially available LTE phones, the company modified one phone with the WS1033-based antenna tuning network and left the other phone unmodified. The modified phone had a 180 MHz usable bandwidth. The device features both an MIPI Alliance RFFE 1.1 interface and a 3/4-wire SPI interface.

Contact Info

Company: WiSpry Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 949-458-9477
Fax: 949-458-9485