8-Megapixel Cameras from JAI

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JAI Inc.

AM-800GE (monochrome) and AB-800GE (color) 8-megapixel industrial-grade CCD cameras from JAI Inc., San Jose, CA, deliver 3296 by 2472 resolution and have a GigE Vision interface. The cameras are built around the Kodak KAI-08050 quad-tap sensor and deliver 10 frames/s for an 8-bit output in monochrome or raw Bayer formats. The 10- and 12-bit output is selectable, as are multiple options for in-camera color interpolation, including YUV 4:2:2 packed or 24-bit RGB-packed formats (AB-800GE only). Features include advanced channel balancing, user-configurable AOI scanning, multiple binning modes (AB-800GE only), a variety of acquisition modes, image preprocessing, advanced thermal management, a built-in temperature sensor, and rugged construction.

Contact Info

Company: JAI Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-445-5444
Fax: 408-383-0301