16-bit AWGs Pack 8 Channels Per Card

Spectrum Instrumentation’s PCIe arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) provide eight channels on a single PCIe-card measuring 168 mm in length. Up to 80 channels can be fully synchronized in a single PC. As standard, all cards of the "65" series offer on-board memory of 512 Msamples and provide a data transfer speed of 700 MByte/s FIFO. Applications include component testing, automotive, robotics, aerospace, medical and industrial ultrasound, LIDAR, radar and sonar. 

The two additions to the "65" family are the M2p.6533-x4 with eight 40 MS/s channels and the M2p.6568-x4 that can be configured with eight channels of 80 MS/s or four of 125 MS/s. Unlike the six previously released models that offer up to four channels, the eight channel versions are equipped with an additional cooling system making them two slots wide.

All eight models of the M2p.65xx series are half-length PCIe cards and 168 mm in length. The maximum output swing, even with the eight channel versions, is ±6V into 1 MΩ or ±3 V into 50Ω. The cards are shipped with Spectrum's SBench 6 control software that allows out of the box operation for card control and signal generation. For more details, checkout the “65” AWGs

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