12-Bit Magnetic Position Encoder from iC-Haus

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iC-Haus GmbH

The iC-MHL200 integrated system for linear and angular magnetic encoder applications from iC-Haus GmbH, Bodenheim, Germany, can be combined with a magnetic tape or pole wheel to form rugged linear or angular incremental encoders. The chip includes a linear Hall sensor array adapted to the target's magnetic pole pitch of 2 mm and features linear resolution configurable up to 4096 steps/magnetic signal period of 4 mm; max. incremental output frequency of 8 MHz; and the ability to measure an incremental linear displacement of <1 µm. The device provides incremental (AB quadrature and Z index, 12-bit) and commutation (UVW) signals at the RS-422-compatible line driver outputs.

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Country: Germany
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