Drones, robots, and autonomous vehicles set to benefit from advanced detection technology and Linux devices.

Habana Labs launches high-performance artificial intelligence inference processor.

Market’s first 2-in-1 ‘Shot-Glass’ MIMO LTE antenna makes machine-to-machine (M2M) communications faster and easier.

IoT solution offers farmers scale and operational visibility, reduces water usage in soil irrigation.

Bidirectional buck-boost controller monitors redundant battery systems in autonomous vehicles (AVs).

Joint reference design accelerates time to market for rearview and surround-view camera systems.

By 2019, there may be over 80 million LoRa-enabled end nodes and 200,000 LoRa-based gateways.

Autonomous vehicle designers get access to 1.4 million camera images, 400,000 LIDAR sweeps,1.1 million 3D boxes.