Z-Axis Antenna Squeezes Into Tight Quarters

Z-Axis Antenna Squeezes Into Tight Quarters
Premo Corp.

Measuring 11 mm x 10mm and less than 3.1-mm high, the ZC1003HF Series Z-axis antenna is suitable for use in slim smartphone designs and reception/transmission around 13.56 MHz. It is available with an inductance value of 2.5 µH and customizable according to user specifications. The antenna matches with NFC chipsets from NXP: MF-RC500, MF-RC530, MF-RC531, PN511, PN512, PN531, PN532, PN533, PN544, PN547; AMS: AS3953; ST: M24LR16E-R, MELEXIS: MLX90121, Texas Instrument: TRF7960, TRF7970A. For more details, visit http://www.grupopremo.com/in/product/571/features/rfid/nfcantennas/zc1003hfsmdzaxisfornfcapplications.html

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