Wireless Torque Sensor from TECAT

TECAT Performance Sensors

The wireless WISE sensor from TECAT Performance Sensors, Ann Arbor, MI, lets you transmit, monitor, and record live torque and other data from a rotating shaft and is designed to be used in confined spaces. The device measures the rotation speed of a shaft as well as on-shaft horsepower and contains an onboard triaxial accelerometer and onboard pressure and temperature sensors. The gain, offset, data rate, and RF channel are remotely adjustable from the data viewer. The dual analog outputs are user-selectable for high-speed data (torque, rotational speed, horsepower, and acceleration in the X, Y, or Z axis). The configurable data view enables remote access to the sensor as well as real-time visualization of all high- and low-speed measurements simultaneously.

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Company: TECAT Performance Sensors
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 248-615-9862