Wireless Sensors from Conlab

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Conlab Pty

ZigSense wireless sensors from Conlab Pty, Victoria, Australia, use ZigBee mesh networking and are designed to monitor and control physical and environmental conditions. The wireless nodes have a small, robust polycarbonate IP65-rated enclosure, feature low power consumption, and can be interfaced to multiple sensors including general I/O and Modbus devices. The nodes form a self-healing network of spatially distributed nodes and send data back to a central gateway node. The ZigSense gateway uses Modbus/RTU and can be accessed by standard SCADA, HMI, telemetry, PLC, and data loggers via Modbus RTU protocol.

Contact Info

Company: Conlab Pty
Country: Australia
Phone number: +61 3-9842-7711
Fax: +61 3-9842-7511