Vibrating Level Switch Operates Like A Tuning Fork

The KOBOLD liquid level switch NWS is designed as a 2 and 3-wire switch and can be universally used in tanks and pipelines. The NWS operates on the tuning fork principle in air at resonance frequency. A piezoelectric crystal is used for excitation of oscillations and for monitoring the actual oscillation frequency. When the fork is immersed in liquid, the frequency changes: this change is detected electronically, and the output signal is changed.


The NWS operates as a 2-wire switch in series with the load. The simple electronic switch is operated by the liquid. The NWS can also be connected to a PLC through a third terminal.


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The NWS has an output state indicator with an LED that can be seen though a lens in the cover. The LED flashes about once a second when the NWS has switched off and is permanently illuminated when the NWS is switched on. The LED is an optical confirmation that the NWS is working correctly, and the condition of the wet side is correctly displayed. The NWS can be set as upper or lower limiter with a mode selector. For more details, peruse the NWS liquid level switch datasheet and user manual.