VCA Developer's Kit Whips Out Prototypes Fast

VCA Developer's Kit Whips Out Prototypes Fast
BEI Sensors

To get users up and running quickly with voice coil actuators (VCA), the VCA Developer's Kit includes a VCA with a built-in feedback sensor and a programmable controller with MotionLab Software that runs on the user's local PC. A virtual how-to kit, it provides answers to all the questions to get a VCA system up and running including where to source components, how to put components together, and how to program the parts to perform the motions needed. Three different kits are available, each with a different VCA and the appropriate controller PCBA to drive the VCA. The controller operates in open or closed loop modes, is internally compensated for high linearity, and supports coordinated multi-axis applications. The kits also include a flash drive containing all necessary links to software and set-up instructions as well as a configuration file. VCA Developer's Kit part numbers include the DK-LAS13-18, DK-LAS16-23, and DK-LAS28-53.

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